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Introduction to TVNext

Traditional Values for Next Generations     Romans 12:2


Traditional Values for Next Generations (Tvnext) exists to protect biblical values and to convey the Biblical worldview to the next generation In 2008, it was provisionally established to inform the Korean community and churches of the importance of the Yes on Proposition 8 (traditional marriage support in CA) campaign and the need for participation. It was formally found in year 2011 to partner with other Christian organizations in California to STOP SB48 (mandating public schools from K-High to include unhealthy sexual lifestyle).


Raise up godly generation to cultivate and transform the next generations. Rom. 12:2


Through biblical value advocacy and practical education, restore the value of family and marriage, protect the dignity of life, the liberty of Christian faith, and the rights of citizens.


Restore the biblical worldview and values in every field of life; Armed with the biblical worldview and biblical principles & truth. By educating, training and empowering the next generation with a biblical worldview and truth, we will help families to restore, heal, and build biblical societies and cultures.


1. Advocate Biblical Values through Education – Biblical Identity –help next generations to find their true identity in Christ – Biblical Worldview in all aspects – including media, music, and entertainment – Biblical Principle and Truth – Cultivate and Encourage Biblical Culture 2. Inform – On multiple Christian broadcastings across the nation(in Korean), Writes articles. 3. Educate – Biblical Worldview Academy, Family Conferences, Youth & College Forums 4. Provide Resources – FB, homepage (, media 5. Protect Your Rights – Watch & inform upcoming unbiblical bills 6. Network – Stand in the gap between the generations and be a bridge

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