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Why NO on CA Prop 64

Must vote No on California Proposition 64 and block legalization of marijuana for entertainment purposes

Our coalition including but not limited to California Police Chiefs Association, California District Attorneys Association, California Narcotic Officers Association, California Hospitals Association, Organization for Justice and Equality, Senator Dianne Feinstein (Dem), Assemblywoman Katherine Baker (Rep), Dr. Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute, etc., urges everybody to vote No on California Prop 64 in the upcoming November election so as to block the legalization of marijuana for entertainment purposes.  Otherwise, we will be in a satanic world plagued with drugs and will no longer be able to defend against the opening of marijuana outlets in our neighborhoods which will become very chaotic and unsafe.  This can be best illustrated on various counts:

  1. To start with, Prop 64 stunningly allows marijuana commercials on 95% of TV shows and thus showing to youngsters under 21. This hurts our future generations seriously and represents a major regression of our society.  Consumption of marijuana by children will definitely increase.  45 years ago, tobacco commercials on TV were already stopped!  Just for this clause alone, we should vote No on 64.

  2. Without establishing concrete laws to prosecute drivers under the influence of drug, it is disastrous to legalize marijuana for entertainment purposes! Currently, as opposed to drunk driving, there is no standard on what exactly constitutes drug driving and this is already causing over 440,000 cases of deaths and injuries in the United States every year.  California Association of Highway Patrolmen cites a recently-released AAA Foundation study in the State of Washington where fatalities doubled in auto crashes involving marijuana after it was legalized for entertainment.

This YouTube link is a concise and emphatic interview with Emeryville Police Chief Jennifer Tejada who is also the Chairman of Law and Legislative Committee of California Police Chief Association — answers include most of the important points.

  1. An ounce of marijuana costs $250 or more. How can people continuously have money to buy marijuana?  Organized crime in Colorado increased tremendously after marijuana was legalized for entertainment.  It is anticipated that crime rate will increase tremendously if Cal Prop 64 is passed.  This is catastrophic for Californians!

  2. Every city will have its own ordinances on marijuana and it will be extremely confusing and chaotic. Cities in the Bay Area probably will have very aggressive and unacceptable laws on marijuana!  Each city will use much manpower and financial resources on the creation and implementation of marijuana laws.

  3. Current law prohibits convicted meth and heroin felons from being involved in medical marijuana. But Prop 64 will allow dealers or felons convicted of dealing up to 20,000 heroin doses or up to 10,000 meth doses, to receive licenses to operate marijuana outlets for on-site consumption. Re-sentencing or freeing of criminals involved in marijuana will also take place if Prop 64 is passed.

  4. Cal Prop 64 would bring in much needed tax revenue is a myth. We will spend much more on related legal and health problems as well as drug rehabilitation.  Prop 64 also specifies that tax money from it can only be used for specific purposes such as research on marijuana but not on California General Fund; that is not for education, roads, and welfare.

  5. According to Federal Drug Administration (FDA), marijuana is a Category I prohibited drug — the worst category, without any medical value and is addictive and a gateway drug to more pernicious drugs. FDA has maintained this strong stance continuously and reiterated it recently.

Marijuana can give rise to various kinds of health problems.  Long-term user of the drug will likely have brain damage (especially for young people) and will have much higher risk for cancer.  Even for people using marijuana for only two years, there will be big holes in the brain.

  1. If Prop 64 is passed, home growing of marijuana will get much worse and be harming neighborhoods. Every household can grow up to 6 plants at home and virtually can make up to $10,000 on each per year.  There can be many households in a house.  Many people here would quit their jobs and be “farmer” as people in Seattle do.  Then gangsters will come in and rob the houses with marijuana plants.

Landlords may not be able to prohibit renters from using and growing marijuana in rental properties.  With the liberal environment of the Bay Area, eventually employers may not even be able to screen the potential employees on marijuana usage or addiction.

  1. The current California law and even Washington law prohibit marijuana outlets to be established within 1,000 feet of K to 12 schools. But if Prop 64 is passed, this protection will be lessened to only 600 feet.  There is no protection for churches, libraries, pools, and parks without children playground.

  2. There was much bad experience for states in which marijuana was legalized for entertainment. For example, Parkview Hospital Emergency Room in Colorado stated recently that since recreational marijuana had been legal in that state, the hospital has seen a 51% increase in children 18 and under who tested positive for marijuana.  Nearly half of all newborns born in that hospital also tested positive for pre-natal marijuana exposure.  Moreover, because of the marijuana problem, the number of homeless people in Seattle has been increased and Seattle Chinatown and many places become much more unsafe.  Black market for marijuana still exists.

Suffice it to say, definitely vote NO on California Prop 64 in the upcoming election and actively tell everybody to do the same.  It is a decisive battle for the future of California!!

(510) 982-1653

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