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교회와 SB 48 (영어)

Churches and SB 48

Churches are an integral part of our communities. They are a beacon of light that provide love, guidance and support. Churches also play a very important role in informing and educating their members. The Stop SB 48 campaign is blessed to partner with many denominations throughout our state in dispersing petitions. Thank you to the courageous pastors and church volunteers who are working so hard on the referendum campaign!

If your church has not yet signed up to assist in the campaign, we have some wonderful resources help you get started.

First, Concerned Women for America of California has a flyer on “How to Conduct a Petition Drive at your Church”. This easy to follow guide describes specific steps your church can take to gather Stop SB 48 referendum petition signatures.

Second, Concerned Women for America has also produced a brochure called “Political Guidelines for Churches and Pastors”. This brochure is another resource that will inform and empower pastors. Churches have a great deal of liberty and this brochure will explain their rights and responsibilities.

Third, Pacific Justice Institute has prepared a letter to pastors that informs them of their rights to participate in the Stop SB 48 referendum campaign.

We recommend printing these three resources and taking them to your pastor. If he has any questions, feel free to contact either the Stop SB 48 campaign or Pacific Justice Institute.

Keep in mind that if we get 700 churches to gather 1,000 signatures, we will certainly qualify the referendum for the ballot.  

Please encourage your church to be one of those 700 churches that stand up for righteousness and truth in our state.

Church Resources


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