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SUPPORT on SB217 – Sex Ed. Transparency Bill for CA. Let Parents Decide on Sex & Health Educati

Let Parents Decide on Sex & Health Education for their Children!

Biblical Worldview for Family!


Faith in Action to Take:

1. Join the Call-In Campaign to Senate office TODAY:  Call in only takes a min. or two.

2.  Join SB217 Hearing on this Wed. April, 28th @ 9am. – Call in EARLIER (15-30min.) if you want to be first in line to state your opinion. – SB217 is 1st on the Agenda list so there won’t be a long wait in line.

– Call In number & an Access Code will show up on April 27th  from below link:

** Make sure you get the phone # and an access code for April 28th Hearing.

** Make sure to read the Teleconference Instruction before you call in.

3. READ & SHARE below info. to help other parents to protect their kids.


4. Watch the Hearing online on Wednesday morning, April 28: 

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