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TOP URGENT:  Calls to oppose AB 2218 needed FOR your kids and family!

Biblical Worldview Warfare


AB 2218 takes millions of taxpayer dollars and gives away the money to organizations that encourage, promote, and provide for sex-change operations including organizations that provide cross-sex hormones, and puberty-blocking drugs to minors and guess where this will lead to eventually! 

While the COVID19 pandemic is causing many bills, especially the Pro-Christian bills, to be put on hold until next year, AB228 is aggressively advancing forward to the Senator floor after it passed the Assembly.

Read: Why oppose AB2218?  

Original Bill – AB 2218

The original bill placed a limit of 15 million dollars however they have eliminated any cap and now want to be free to allocate even more than 15 million to these activists’ groups such as Planned Parenthood.  

Traditional Values for Next Gen.(Tvnext), joined by other concerned organizations is helping coordinate Day of Action today and until legislators change their mind.  We are asking you to contact the members of the Senate Health Committee and encourage them to oppose AB 2218 as soon as you can.  It only takes a few minutes.

Please help us spread the word by sharing this message and posting to all social media accounts. If you have a Tweeter account, all senators are on Tweeter. Please tweet them and let them hear your voice.    California legislators should not be using our tax dollars to fund sex change operations.

PLEASE CALL and/or EMAIL all 9 Senators and leave a message asap.    Tweet on their Tweeter.

They will make a legal decision for your kids, family, and for California.

Sample Messages:

Short:  Please OPPOSE AB2218.  Do not use my tax dollars to fund sex change operations Long Letter:  You may copy & pate from this letter – AB2218 letter to CA

Sen. Richard Pan (Chair – Democrat (D))

District Offices  (District 6 – Yolo and Sacramento County)

(916) 651-1529

(916) 262-2904

Office Email Contact Link:

Sen. Melissa A. Melendez (Vice Chair – Republican(R))

District Offices (District 28)

(951) 894-3530

(760) 398-6442

Sen. Lena A. Gonzalez (District 33 -D)

District Offices

(562) 256-7921

(323) 277-4560

Sen. Shannon Grove (District 16 – R)

District offices

(661) 323-0443

(760) 228-3136

Susan Grove’s Assistant’s email:

Sen. Melissa Hurtado  (District 14 – D)

District Offices

(661) 395-2620

(559) 585-7161

(559) 264-3070

Sen. Connie M. Leyva (District 20 -D)

District Offices

(909) 888-5360

(909) 469-1110

Sen. Holly J. Mitchell  (District 30 -D)

District Office

(213) 745-6656

Sen. Bill Monning  (District 17 -D)

District Offices

(805) 549-3784

(831) 657-6315

(831) 425-0401

Sen. Susan Rubio (District 22 -D)

District Office

(626) 430-2499


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