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Urge Your Senators to Vote NO on the misnamed “Equality Act -H.R.5“ FAITH IN ACTION! Sign & Send.

Spiritual Warfare


Another name for H.R.5: “A comprehensive LGBTQ+ civil rights bill”

Watch: So-Called ‘Equality Act’ Will Make Belief in Biblical Marriage Akin to ‘Racism’ or ‘Bigotry’:

Only couple of weeks ago, on February 25, 2021, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the federal Equality Act (H.R. 5), which may be one of the MOST DANGEROUS piece of federal legislation in the history of America. On March 3rd, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer bypassed all committees and pushed the Equality Act straight to the Senate floor.

Voted YES: Almost all 221 Democrats voted for the bill, along with 3 Republicans (see their names from the link under Resources).

Voted NO: Almost all 205 Republicans and 1 Democrat, Bennie Thompson (Miss), voted against the bill. As a result, H.R.5, misnamed “Equality Act,” passed the House by 224:206.

The misnamed “Equality Act” is the most dangerous ambush of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This includes the freedom of faith, freedom of speech, and freedom of rights of citizens to hold their opinions.

The word “equality” sounds like it’s well-meaning, but the bill has nothing to do with equality. Rather, it has everything to do with criminalizing religious liberty. As introduced in the previous Congress, it bans the use of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) as a legal defense from government discrimination. Furthermore, it criminalizes and penalizes people’s opinion over SOGI propaganda.

This bill expanded the definition of the word “sex” in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” as legally protected classes. The result will be an unleashing of government-sanctioned religious hatred and legal actions against those whose faith teaches that marriage is only between one man and one woman and that the sexual identity of males and females is a fixed, biological fact.

While its proponents insist that the Equality Act is about “ending discrimination,” it would in fact fundamentally alter the legal definition of sex to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

According to LGBTQ activists/lobbyists, the “Q” in LGBTQ includes about 550 sexually deviate paraphilias–including pedophilia that will become a protected class under this “Equality Act” bill.

The representatives that voted to pass the Equality Act either do not understand or are choosing to ignore the fundamental constitutional protections that built our nation.


B4U-ACT is one of the organizations completely dedicated to normalize pedophilia in America. The organization states that it is a “collaborative effort of mental health professionals and people who are attracted to children or adolescents” with the goal of “educating the public regarding issues faced by these individuals.” The new euphemism for pedophile is a “minor-attracted person.”


If the Equality Act (H.R.5 -“A comprehensive LGBTQ+ civil rights bill”) passes, it will:

Violate fundamental freedoms of speech and religion:

– Force faith-based organizations and professionals in creative services(bakery, photographers, florists, etc) to compromise their religious beliefs in order to affirm a person’s sexual behavior or preferred gender status, or risk punishment or loss of federal funding/tax exemption.

– Require healthcare providers to provide hormone therapies and surgical procedures that are required to change the physical characteristics associated with sex changes, without regard for the beliefs of healthcare workers.

– Undermine the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) by conferring special status on gay and transgender rights, prioritizing them over religious freedom and conscience rights.

Undermine parental rights:

– Eliminate all parental authority related to the training and well-being of their children by prohibiting parents from interfering with a child’s access to transgender medical procedures.

Mandate transgender policies:

– Impose nationwide policies on transgender bathroom use, pronoun usage, and a nationwide sex-reassignment health care mandate.

– Jeopardize women’s privacy and safety by allowing biological males to access women’s public bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and women’s shelters.

– Unfairly penalize female athletes by allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports.

Override all abortion restrictions:

– Will not treat pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition any differently than other physical conditions, which will override all state and federal abortion restrictions.

– Overhaul our federal civil rights framework to mandate abortion access to be covered by employers (as well as each state) or be subject to punishment.

The Senate is our last chance–our only chance–to stop this bill now. With an evenly divided Senate from the 2020’s election, this legislation now hangs in the balance with the Vice President, Kamala Harris, who is for the Equality Act.

As one of President Joe Biden’s top priorities, he assured that he will sign this legislation into law. The bill needs 60 votes to avoid a filibuster in the Senate. However, it is still crucial that we let our Senators know we strongly oppose this legislation.

There is spiritual warfare amongst the Christian Senators to either stand with the Words of God or to COMPROMISE the Words of God for the sake of “Politics.”


It takes less than a minute to send an email to your Senators: Below is an easy tool to send a message right now to your Senators to oppose the Equality Act Just click the link, fill out the page with your name, address, email and SEND. Message is already prepared to be sent.


** You can send through MillionMom link too:

2. Call Your Senators. You can find your Senator’s contact information from below link.

More information:

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A couple of comments from those who SUPPORT H.R.5

Cosmopolitan states: “Queerness is an umbrella term that is both an orientation and a community….The vagueness of the term is intentional–queer is an identity created for anyone outside of the heterosexual norm and meant to be inclusive.” In addition, the activist group LGBTQ Nation wrote, the “Q in LGBTQ can also signify other sexual orientations and gender not covered by the acronym’s preceding letters. If you’re gender-neutral, non-binary, agender, genderfluid, pansexual, asexual, solosexual or something else not covered by LGBT, the Q has got you covered!”

This bill that is going to give special privileges and legal protections for “Q” is sitting on the Senate floor waiting for a vote at any moment. Please Take your faith into Action -Call & Send Email.

Most importantly, PLEASE PRAY FOR AMERICA with us. This is a critical time in history. We must humble ourselves before the Lord and DECIDE which side we will stand with. Pray for churches, pastors, leaders, and families to repent and be renewed in our hearts with His Life.


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