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Don’t let the state government control your rights nor your kid’s mind!

Join the Opt-Out Movement on ALL SEX ED. & HEALTH ED.

By Rev. Timothy & Sarah Kim

California public school districts are bound by the state law, California Healthy Youth Act: AB-329 (2015-2016), to teach comprehensive sex education. This law was authored by CA Assemblymember Shirley Weber(D) and then passed by all the House and Senate Democrats.

However, students are not bound to the government “health” sex education, thanks to California Education Code 51240 and Capital Resource Institute for discovering it!

The opt-out form is based on California Education Code 52140, which was established in 2004. This short code gives parents the right to have their child excused from sexual health education. We are encouraging the parents from across California to join the movement to opt out their child from beyond age-inappropriate sexual health education and surveys.

California Education Code Section:

51240 (a) If any part of a school’s instruction in health conflicts with the religious training and beliefs of a parent or guardian of a pupil, the pupil, upon written request of the parent or guardian, shall be excused from the part of the instruction that conflicts with the religious training and beliefs.

(b) For purposes of this section, “religious training and beliefs” includes personal moral convictions.”

The California Healthy Youth Act (AB 329) is part of “health” education.   

Herein enters EC 51240, the provision of law that frees students from health instruction that conflicts with a family’s religious or personal moral conviction! This includes gender roles and sexual orientation lessons in the context of health education.

Many of California’s school districts are currently deceiving parents about their rights under the law.  Contrary to what school districts have been telling them, the California Education Code allows a parent to “opt-out” their children from ALL portions of the California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA).

Opt-Out Form:  Sex Ed Opt Out Package

Legal Letter on Opt Out (by ADF): ADF Right of California Parents to Opt Out

California Legislative: EDC 51240

Opt-Out movement is one of the last solutions for terrible sex and health education in California. As per Senator Scott Wilk (CA-R), who was one of the only two senators who supported SB673 (Parental Rights), warned parents as below.  SB673 didn’t pass by 5:2 by Education Committee.

We strongly recommend the following options:

  1. Bible-believing Christian school

  2. Homeschool – many resources available

  3. Christian school & homeschool hybrid

Opt Out Conference(archive) by Real Impact: Opt-out Movement – Live Event

For more resources and information, please contact us at

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