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LOBBY DAY + RALLY FOR PARENTAL RIGHTS-Join Us in Sacramento to Protect Your Rights and Your Kids!

Date and time: Monday, August 21 · 9am - 4pm PDT

Location: Rally at State Capitol Building

1315 10th Street Sacramento, CA 95814


We urge all parents and grandparents who care about their rights to join us in Sacramento on Monday, August 21. Let's stand together and send a powerful message that we will not back down when it comes to protecting our families!

Join Pastor Jack Hibbs from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills , Sonja Shaw, a President of Chino Valley Unified School Board, hundreds of parents, grandparents, and other guest speakers from across the state of California as we make our voices heard at the steps of the state capitol in Sacramento on Monday, August 21, 2023.

Our message is clear:

We will not let the government take away our right to raise our children according to our values. As parents, we have the ultimate say in our children's upbringing, education, and medical care, and we WILL NOT allow politicians to interfere with those decisions.

Bills Threatening Children and Parental Rights: The end of the California legislative session is approaching, and we must take action now to stop these bills from reaching Governor Gavin Newsom's desk for a signature:

  • AB 665 - State-Sanctioned Kidnapping Bill

  • AB 957 - Judges Must Side with "Trans-Affirming" Parents Over Custody

  • AB 1078 - The State Taking Control Over Local School Boards

  • AB 5 - Training Teachers to Profile Non-LGBTQ Affirming Parents

We will lobby against AB 665, AB 957, AB 1078, and AB 5.

The rally at the capitol is free but the Lobby Day training at the Sheraton Grand Hotel is $5.00.

Rally to Feature Brave Soccer Mom School Board President

The courage of School Board President Sonja Shaw has inspired the nation. She is courageously standing up to Sacramento politicians and not backing down despite violent thugs threatening to kill her and her family, all because she wants to stop public schools from keeping secrets from parents about their children.

Watch Sonja's powerful interview below:

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins interviews CVUSB President Sonja Shaw about threats to her life after voting for a parent notification policy.

Event Participation & Questions:

Event Host: California Family Council, Real Impact, Capital Resource Institute Partnered with Coalition For Parental Rights

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