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WHY RECALL GAVIN NEWSOM? For so many reasons:


How to Vote:

1. Vote in person. Find your closest voting center:

2. There are 2 questions on the ballot. Only use a black or blue pen. Do NOT use a Sharpie or a red pen or a pencil.

a. Should Gavin Newsome be recalled. Make sure you select YES

b. Who should replace him – Pick your candidate (we will soon have a chart showing the different candidates’ stances). Wait till you see that before you vote.

How to watch the Vote!

There are numerous way you can help watch the polls on election day. You can even get paid for it. Imagine if we had over 1000 of our folks at the polls for the recall and 2000 at the 2022 elections.

Option #1: Become an Election Official

Apply here:

Option 2: Election Night Volunteer Opportunities

Click this link and signup if you have time.


Signup form:

Mail the form to:

If you can’t get into the above, then you can act as a private citizen below.

The more of us that show up the better.

Option 3: Help The Election Integrity Project for California

There are things any citizen can do to provide meaningful citizen oversight of election activities without formal observer training.

Issues, aka anomalies, or concerns can be reported to EIPCa using the Citizen Incident Statement you can download from:

– Visit a ballot collection center at poll closing time. Stay 2-3 hours. Look for:

– Organization, coordination, competence of workers

– Chain of custody paperwork for ballot transfer

– Security of storage area to prevent addition or removal of ballot containers awaiting transport

– 2-person chain of custody for all transfers of ballot containers

– Visit a ballot drop box at 8:00 p.m. on Election night

– An election official should lock the box at 8:00 p.m. exactly to accept no more ballots

– Two officials should empty and transport ballots to processing center, leaving box empty

– Ballots should be handled with care to avoid damage

– Visit a ballot drop box the morning after Election Day

– Is it still locked?

– Is there any action surrounding the box?

– Visit a ballot drop box location at any time during the 29 days prior to September 14

– Is it staffed?

– Is the area safe? Well lighted at night?

– Is there any indication of how often it is emptied?

– If you are there when it is emptied, are ballots handled with care?

– Listen to family, friends, neighbors, community

– Are there any discussions regarding irregularities (not receiving a ballot, receiving 2 ballots, receiving a wrong ballot, etc)

– Received duplicate ballots: vote one, shred the other, notify ROV

– Received ballot(s) for deceased, moved or stranger? Photograph front and back of UNOPENED envelope, print and include as attachment to Citizen Incident Statement; return to USPS.

– Prayer support for EIPCa volunteers, for voters and officials, for healing in this state and nation.

EIPC(Election Integrity Project California) is a nonpartisan IRC 501(c)(3) charity. Contributions are tax-deductible.

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